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Spokane on the Rocks Craft Distillers Convention

I went to a craft distillers convention this past weekend as a vendor. This was the first one they had here next door to HOOPFEST, the biggest basketball event in our beautiful country. Everyone had a basketball they were bouncing around, and there was even a Slacklining competition in the park the day before Hoopfest.

Anyone who has not gone to a craft distillers convention or tasting- you must go to one, and support your local distillers and local beer makers. See stills, meet with people and taste new local ...
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Distillery Equipment Copper Stills

The Alchemist Four Inch Copper Still, I ran at a new distillery I am working with, were running test product. It is a vodka 
coming out at the end of the year.

Well my still made a 96% vodka, a huge improvement from 95% and this still doesn't cost of tens ( or hundreds) of thousands of dollars, or looks pretty with windows, or looks like it is 17th Century,  just FUNCTIONAL. My still is affordable. I know people personally who have spent 
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Update of Medical Marijuana OIL Extractor coming soon.

Part 2 of this blog here http://blog.rainierdistillers.com/2013/03/13/distilling-hash-oil-for-medicinal-purposessmall-business.aspx

This is for those who want updates on the Medical Marijuana Oil Still I have, the Extension to the Alchemist..look I am running a month behind. I am just trying to make this still safe. It has to be made of glass so you see what is running through it. I tried to get around it, but no, has to be, because you need to see the action to determine when ...
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Best Moonshine Still -the improvements

My still keeps evolving to get better and better. As you see from my photos, the Alchemist has gone through many changes. From the old 90 angle to 45 now, different limbic comdensers, rubber and now none, and other things.b This time I made my 2 inch just like the 3 and 4 inch, I make it now so it can be separated to function as a pot still and a reflux traditionally. It did ...
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Stripping Run on a Malted corn w/ 4 inch Pot Still- Making WHISKEY

Today I went to Cowlitz River Distillery and did their first run with my 4 inch Pot Still and 450 Gallon Boiler. We got up to around 18 gallons an hour on the stripping run on a malted corn that was 11.9 %. When we tasted it it tasted like candy. Had a lot of sweet notes coming out at 65%. As you can see in the video we had to ...

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Distilling Lemongrass Oil, Cleaning Copper and Turning a beer keg into boiler.

I will be giving a free class on how to make brandy out of a Wine,a 2007 Merlot at Ezra Cox Distillery This May, Keep in touch on facebook, Cheers!

Working on a essential oil still with glass tubes so you may watch your products and the essence turn to oils!! A guy wrote me about his very successful business making hunters camouflage scent with my still. If you have a good product, things change fast, ...
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Making Whiskey and Vodka at Distillery

I posted two videos and a photo slideshow of my weekend " vacation" making whiskey vodka moonshine at a distillery. Ezra Cox Distillery. This was at  https://www.facebook.com/ezracoxdistillery.centraliawa
They make a great legal moonshine and Ezra is a master brewer. He used to work for Dicks beer.
I had a new still I designed, I wanted to test out, its very versatile. It was custom job for 
Rick Stillwagon.

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Medical Marijuana Cannibis Oil

I want to call it hemp oil, but that is what you buy for your salad dressing at health food store. I am talking about hemp oil with the thc in it. For medicinal uses. For internal or external for massages. They call it hash oil. Me being very green in the industry, I only know how to distill alcohol in micro distilleries and essential oils in my backyard. This is a new thing for me.

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Home Distiller's Workbook by Jeff King- Audiobook Review by Anthony Zaca

Home Distiller Workbook by Jeff King- Book Review by Anthony  Zaca

This is my review of the audio book. Here is the book cover and what it looks like. I love it.

I do notice a few distilling companies ask its customers to  do basic research ...
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Works in Progress, in the studio..a raw look

I haven't written a blog in a while. I have been wanting to do a blog, initially I said every two days. Like a business diary. A place for me to just talk about distilling and stills. To vent and relax. Connect with home distilling lovers. I have just been waiting on professional photos and a video, and well, I have been so busy, too. I might as well write ...
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