Making Whiskey and Vodka at Distillery

I posted two videos and a photo slideshow of my weekend " vacation" making whiskey vodka moonshine at a distillery. Ezra Cox Distillery. This was at
They make a great legal moonshine and Ezra is a master brewer. He used to work for Dicks beer.
I had a new still I designed, I wanted to test out, its very versatile. It was custom job for 
Rick Stillwagon. 

MADE FOR LOW CEILING ITS SIDE BY SIDE COLUMN. MOST OF MY STILLS FOR 4 INCH TAKE ALL THE WAY UP 17 feet which he didn't have so I had to make like this.




Part of his still was used to make the oils I made previously.
It was built to fit in low ceiling. This weekend we make a whiskey which we turned into a vodka. We started off day one doing a stripping run. I went through everything this still can do and took it apart, to a pot still even and with its extensions.
It was a two day job and Rick Stillwagon slept there in the distillery. He was hands on the whole way. The guy didnt move.
We made alcohol for Ezra Cox Distillery using their wash. We made 750 gallons of single malt.
I had a great time, a few people came down from facebook last minute and got a free course on distilling. These courses cost 1000$ dollars in some places, I always do for free.
Just buy and taste the distillery's legal moonshine!
My still was set up four different ways, All one still, as you see in the photos slideshow. This still was custom design to fit smalll ceilings. It worked beautifully. The 50 gallon boiler is new product I sell. It worked great too. It can be rearranged on how you would like it to be. Some people like sight glasses, some just metal plates for cleanout.
My freind Chad was there. He is opening a distillery as well in Toledo WA. People came throughout the day to watch and taste. I talked to some locals who came in, about the future of distilling. Ezra and I had fun on St. Patricks day drinking whiskey. Please take a look at these videos and photos and tell me what you think. For all those that like drinking liquor, find one made locally and support them. The product we distilled tasted very nice. I really hope you come down to see me next time I distill here. I would love to do a distilling class here or even at Rick's distillery in Oregon.

Here are photos


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