Lavender Distilling Equipment- Continuous still insides

I distilled Essential Oil at a Lavender Farm this weekend. My pleasure. Evergreen Valley Road, right by where I live. Outside Yelm in Olympia. White Lavender, called Melissa I had picked with the owner Thane and my family. We had a beautiful day out and great food and drinks were served. They had to limit the amount of people invited to follow the ordinances. 40 people were there. I distilled in the shed while people admired the farm.
5 ounces of oil and 5 gallons of A grade hydrosol. The running time of the still was about an hour and 15 minute for the whole lot which was 4 runs. Very fast. It ran on 1100 w.
Lavender oil Anthony distilled in Copper Still

Grade A stuff. All without pesticides or chemicals. The O word.

I tested out my new DELUXE KEG

Which I am calling the lazy boy because not only can you run this with electric, you can run with gas at the same time. To bring up the BTUs. There is a hole in the side for cleaning. Which is the only complaint people have about the keg boilers. Now fixed. 4 inch hole. There is a spigot for emptying the keg. I have a photo of me cleaning it. You have a refilling hole and it acts as a temperature gauge. To fill the keg you just removed the temperature gauge. You never have to remove the still. Retail on this $450. Two 2 inch ferrules on the side for your electrical elements for quick removal.

Elements going out the back

This lazy boy keg with 1100 watts, 2 elements at 5500 watts will heat the keg in 15 minutes. FAST.
You can empty that same keg with an alcohol wash in half an hour. With a four inch tower.

Here I am washing it out

I am meeting so many interesting people. I am so excited. People are excited about essential oils.They can't believe how fast my still puts out, and so much. We just picked maybe 20 plants, less I think. I did a few runs to get it all in. I had a great time and I am so proud of my still.

See the complete photo slideshow here of my weekend with lavender: Copy and paste in your address bar! Or its in my photos section on the website.

We are going to carry an oil separator by our friend Bonnie.
She does the best soaps I have ever smelled. Locally grown and some look like cupcakes.

She is amazing. No more 7 dollar homemade separators for me.

These are great. I hope to sell these soon. I will get details later. An oil separator is great to separate the hydrosol and oil quickly and also to show off when distilling, instead of just in a bucket.

Photo: Just got my ring stand and clamp fir my eo separator. Yes, fir is a pun...

I am working on a continuous still.  Here are some photos. This is custom work for a customer.

Continuous still

This is the first segment. Continuous still just means the boiler is continuously fed from a big holding tank that holds the fermentation. Like a 225 gallon tote. The function of a continuous still, is running a fermentation from a holding tank, into a preheating container that heats up the fermentation. Up to 130 plus degrees F. Then that leaves and enters the still. The steam that is rising from the boiler will flash the alcohol that is coming into the tower. The spent wash will fall down the tower and ends up the boiler. There is a self leveling of the liquids in the main boiler. When it rises too high it empties itself. The function of a Continuous still is you can run this 24 hours a day. Great for ethanol production. And stripping runs.


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    This is great! It really shows me where to expand my blog. I think that sometime in the future I might try to write a book to go along with my blog, but we will see.Good post with useful tips and ideas
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    I am trying to put up a still to produce alcohol for human consumption and as a fuel supplement. Your input on the type of equipment I should get would be appreciated. I am looking to product 100ltrs per run.
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