Alcohol in aTabletop Water Distiller? The recipe

To get 1 liter of alcohol. 
We sell water distillers optimized for making alcohol. But there are recipes and videos to look at too.

There are you tube videos out there, 

Below for curiosity purposes and in case of emergency, etc..I thought I would post the exact recipe

 Just so people know that one can make this in a water distiller. Tabletop distillers are usually those from China you see online, they are small. You can order them anywhere.

You can also make essential oils, small amount, if you make a basket. I can show if I have any requests. I can post a blog on that, if any of you are interested. Let me know. It is very small. Maybe for teaching children.

This is for making ethanol mash with a water distiller. I have had universities call me wanting to make a kit for the whole class. Its only going to come out 120 proof on the first run. If you would like to increase the alcohol content do two re runs. This will bring it up to 150-170 proof. 

5 lbs of cane sugar to 3 gallons of water, and a  heaping table spoon of 48 hour turbo yeast. First make sure  you sterilize the fermenting bucket, and all equipment  that is used. With One Step Cleaner powder. Next pour  2 gallons of 100 to 120 deg f water into a clean bucket then slowly pour in the 5 lbs of sugar in then stir it until all the sugar dissolves. Then bring down the temperature to 74 to 84 deg f  by adding the last gallon of water slightly warm then stir in your yeast into the 3 gallons of dissolved sugar. Then for the next 5 days stir once in the morning and once at night  and make sure the room temperature  is around  74 deg f. After 5 days you will have 15% plus ABV. 


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