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Rainier Distillers Copper Stills

Some Custom Work that I do for clients

Hi, this is Anthony. I am showing you some custom stills I have built so you get an idea of what is possible. This still is going to someone's man cave. It is a great addition. For show or for art.  This would be a beautiful addition to your micro distillery. As its sexy looking with the glass. You can put it next to the bar.

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Manual for the Weed Witch Herbal Extractor Rainier Distillers

I am finally done with this small version of my still. The Witch, or the WEED Witch as people like to call it. I bring it to the world. There is nothing out there like this. Not with these results this still has gotten. Please research, or talk to a Cannabis Expert to show them my results, if you need convincing. The oil on the markets are about 10% THC and they use Butane Hexane, ISO etc..poisons.   I hope you ...
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Cannabis Oil Extraction w ETHANOL using THE WITCH

I am selling the Witch Herbal Extraction in a one gallon size. Those who have been following in my blogs can see my journey. I have made this still idiot proof. I am not selling the 15 gallon or 7 gallon or 50/100 gallon Industrial Witch Herbal Extractor Stills. Those require hands on personal training, I cannot just sell these. I am thinking about having one to travel around. Everyone is excited.

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FARM SHOW magazine interviewed me.

Farm Show is a newsletter I subscribe to.
It is inventions or Do it yourself ideas.
They called me and interviewed me for their
newsletter. You can read it online too--

Do-It-Yourself Stills For
Alcohol, Essential Oils

You can make your own brandy, vodka
or whiskey – as well as essential oils ...
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Make Marijuana Oil.

Videos may still be uploading, so please be patient.

There is my photo slideshow and two videos of my Marijuana Oil Extraction Still.
The Still is over 98% finished. I just need to finalize the fittings on glass tubes.

The great thing about this still, is that you can choose the strength and color of the chlorophyll coming through by manipulating the tap.

If you do a quick run and release, you can end up with hardly any chlorophyll. For those who want to extract everything including chlorophyll, you can do that too.
It does not only remove cannibis oil, but oil from citrus, herbs, flowers, spices etc.
It can be used in microdistilling industry for doing absolutes.

One of these photos I am doing a run where I have mixed mint and marijuana together to make an infused mint oil. Some people do not like the taste. Mint flavor makes it better.

In one of the photos I am doing a rendering over a stove. If you use a small mouth jar its the same diameter as the 2 inch Alchemist tower. It is one way of rendering the oil. use a mountain bike tire tube to seal the tube to the jar. The jar is sitting in a jar of hot water. A water bath. It will heat up the product where it will vapor off an recondense through the still.

This still is revolutionary. It is using a clean source, no butane. No denatured alcohols or hexane, or ISO. This will be great to render a product using clean product. They are averaging between 25% return on this, my clients. I do not make any claims or am a doctor or toxicologist. I just build stills and like solving problems, this would have to be the hardest oil to remove. I figured it out through lots of time and am so happy with the results.

I am looking for investors maybe, because this can be done on larger scale and also I want to do it in glass. This still works. It is easy to use, but it is a safe one. I really got something here. I also need to reach out to team up with some experts. I would like to blend certain oils together so they infuse, like for those with upset bellies taking thc in oil form. Mixing mint with that, calms the tummy.

Manual for Large Copper Still- 4" Alchemist

Operational Manual  4" Alchemist Still and 50 Gallon Boiler by RAINIER DISTILLERS

1.   Safety first- Before you turn anything on, as in electricity, gas or propane, have a fire extinguisher ten feet away from the still. Make sure you have good ventilation in the building. Make sure there are no naked flames, smoking or ignition sources within 25 feet of the still.

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Make Lavender Oil


All these oils were done with my four inch essential oil STILL.

Above is a video I did of some photographs that were given to me. I did a private party, a demo in Yelm, Washington, and there was a photographer there who took some photos. It was a lovely day. The weather is real nice this time of year. That's my lavender oil after one run. They had different varieties ...
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Make Essential Oils at Home


My weekend farming

I just had a baby a week ago. I apologize for those I have not called back, or appts I blew off, or orders not out fast enough, I am a week behind. I had a baby. Well, not me, my lady. It is little girl. My Lady's labor was very powerful to watch, help out with and very exhausting. I been a little sleepless and had to help out with babysitting our other children, and organizing and getting help from outside. Very tough, you that ...
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Copper Stills Update

I was working with two micro distilleries this weekend. One my friend Tom, for his distillery, he bought a 3 inch vodka still that is ten feet tall with the 15 gallon boiler. Here in this photo we disassembled the three inch tower into a POT STILL. We got together and we did a stripping run with his mash. For this still can be disassembled- and made into a pot still, by taking off the extensions. As you ...
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